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Photo Credit: Stefania Galluccio @mystoo
130 - 1/18/2014 11:52:22 AM  

Guelph’s Jennifer (Jenikz) Rego

Guelph Singer/songwriter and Poet Jennifer (Jenikz) Rego Writes Poem Honouring "Nelson Mandela"

Guelph’s Jennifer (Jenikz) Rego is best known for her songwriting and concerts, but in recent days with the passing of the great Nelson Mandela she was moved to write a poem honouring his life and lessons to us all. This timely and heartfelt  tribute simply entitled “Madiba” speaks to many truths.

Jennifer’sfirst collection of poetry, “Feeling The Ground Breathe – Collected Poetry Volume 1: Dripping Words & Pop Poetry For The Modern Mind” will be published in March2014.

Location of the Guelph book launch to be announced soon.


There will be no music, instead a global cry in a cappella
for humanity has lost a great brother, Nelson Mandela
His struggle, a real activist’s fight
twenty seven years in jail, locked up, out of sight
his greatness was that he never gave up and knew one day worldwide
all would share his vision to end apartheid
in that cell for a full life sentence, still he never crumbled
never failed to compromise or have his vision humbled
In his heart, mind and vibration, equality has its place in truth
groggy in our priorities in comfort, unconscious, aloof
a dreamer we got to witness make change and restore closer to whole
true leadership, politics with soul
a man of great measure, virtue is what stood out
his spirit uplifts us and that essence is within us all, no doubt
lest we become like the hypocrites that commemorated his last ceremony
most leaders there, crooks, murderers, phony
salute to a man who stood his ground
who did something about it not just talking or sitting around
cheers to a man who stood by a noble cause
To the great Nelson Mandela we owe our sincere applause

Jennifer (Jenikz) Rego (2013)

About Jennifer (Jenikz):
When passionate, focused singer-songwriter Jennifer Luis Rego is not actively engaged in various community betterment projects and teaching yoga. She can be seen on the travel shows OLN’s “Don’t Forget Your Passport” and “Discover Your World”.

Her sultry, haunting vocals mixed with soaring melodies capture audiences young and old. Her current album self-titled "Jenikz" released May 2010, has been depicted as a worldly "folk-tronica" pop/rock sound that is quickly becoming a must-have master piece, creating a huge buzz locally and now nationally.

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