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"Specializing in highlights, colour, permanant waving, style cutting, and facial waxing."

Campus Estates Hairstyling Located at: 35 Harvard Road, Unit 7B, Guelph, ON, N1G 3A2 _ Tel: (519) 823-2310 _ Web:

1019 - 2/17/2021 3:37:57 PM  

✂️ Campus Estates Hair ✂️

We're all so looking forward to seeing you again!

Hello Again Everyone !

We have been working on our waiting list and calling everyone back.

Thank you for your loyalty and your patience!

We are operating under "Code Red" guidelines, so please do not bring friends to your appointment as we do not have a waiting area and we are only  allowed a certain amount of people in salon at this time!!

Right now, we are booking new appointments into next week!!
Please give a call to book in..

We apologize for any inconvenience, and we are all so looking forward to seeing you again!

"The Campus Crew"

Tuesday: 9am-7pm, Wednesday: 9am–8pm, Thursday: 9am–8pm, Friday: 9am–5pm, Saturday: 9am–3pm, Sunday: Closed

*Prices shown do not include HST

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