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"Guelph's All-Women Roller Derby League"
Royal City Royal Girls -
 Sleeman Centre 50 Woolwich St, Guelph 
Tel: 647-239-3011 -  Email:

61 - 10/30/2013 6:35:45 PM  

Who We Are

We are the Royal City Roller Girls (RCRG), Guelph’s first Roller Derby League!

We are the Royal City Roller Girls (RCRG), Guelph’s first roller derby league. The Royal City Roller Girls league was established in Guelph in the spring of 2010.

With open arms, the community welcomed the idea of starting a not-for-profit roller derby league that included women and men from all backgrounds and skill levels, and was successful beyond anyone’s imagination.

Our organization provides women and men ages 18 and over experiences and opportunities not commonly associated with more traditional sports. We promote athleticism, positive self-image, empowerment, self-expression and an inclusive community. Within our organization we place emphasis on the importance of giving back to our community through the spirit of charity, volunteerism, and providing one heck of an event for everyone to enjoy!

"Guelph's All-Women Roller Derby League"

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