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"Urban Style in Guelph"
Malkim Hair Shop
: Tel: 519-265-3859  
Located At 23 Wellington St. E, Guelph, N1H 3R7  Email: Web:

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Malkim Hair

Have A Great Hair Day!

A haircut at Malkim’s Hair Salon in Guelph is as unique as the person wearing it. We take great care to personalize our hair consultations with every salon client, as we consider your lifestyle, faceshape, hair texture and hair colour.

Whether you are classic or funky, we have the hair technique and artistic eye to create the perfect hair style.

A Guelph Hair Salon to Feel Good About

You can also be proud to know that a haircut at Malkim’s hair salon reduces your carbon footprint. All of the hair from our haircuts is saved by Green Circle Salons. This hair is used to create boons that help clean up oil spills. Hair is a perfect renewable source, as it naturally absorbs oil and repells water.

If you would like some advice on what kind of haircut works best for you, please book a free hair consultation at our Guelph hair salon.

Malkim Hair Shop strives to be the best and most innovative hair team in Guelph. Our experienced professionals can help you with whatever colour and style you may have in mind.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us, if you want to book an appointment please call the hair shop!

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