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"From Their Vines to Your Wines"
Kamil Juices:
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14 - 6/11/2014 8:07:37 AM  

Cooperative Winemaking
Years ago, KJ proudly and successfully made many customers delighted through the ability to ferment ‘cooperative’ batches of wine, giving our clients the opportunity to vint the highest quality wine at a less expensive price

We are once again introducing this endeavor, much to the joy of our customers who can once again make commercial quality wines at a fraction of the cost. 

At KJ we have 15 varietals that we can play with; cooperatively making wine allows us to ferment highly crafted specialty vintages that are more difficult to produce on a smaller scale. Not only does this give our clients better wine-it also provides ample opportunity to make wine that they wouldn’t normally try for fear of being stuck with a whole batch of 28 bottles.  Co-op wines allow the individual to make 14 bottle batches, meaning you can try new varietals with less risk.  Each week we offer two winemaking choices-a white wine and a red wine that we use our unique expertise to craft.

The benefit to you the consumer is two fold: bulk batches of wine made by expert winemakers using old world traditions of vinification and the ability to vint 11l of the purest most natural grape juice available-all at a reduced cost as we are able to pass our savings on to you, our valued client.  Build your wine cellar with multiple varietals that are sure to impress even the most discerning wine drinker.

Come and see us on the Friday of each week and tempt your palate with a wine juice selection from one of our award winning European wineries. Reward yourself with the best that can be made from grape to glass!

Kamil Juices Head Office is located in Guelph Ontario Canada. We wholesale our juices to North American wineries, US and Canadian home winemaking outlets. We also retail our juices to the public in the Golden Triangle of Ontario.

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