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Photo Credit: Stefania Galluccio @mystoo
1381 - 3/12/2024 4:19:03 PM  

Luymes Farms & Custom Farming, Moorefield earned the top prize in Sollio Next Generation Awards

[ In the above photo, in the usual order : Jean-Philippe Côté, Marilyn Côté, Normand Lapointe (members  of the judging panel), Carolyn and Mark Luymes (Luymes Farms & Custom Farming), Tanja  Checkley (Harriston Agromart), Richard Ferland (President of Sollio Cooperative Group), and  Casper Kaastra (CEO of Sollio Agriculture). 
Photo credit: Christophe Champion ]

Released For Publication - March 4, 2024

Sollio Agriculture, the Agri-business Division of Sollio Cooperative  Group, would like to congratulate Luymes Farms & Custom Farming in Moorefield who earned the  top prize under the Farm Succession category at its Sollio Next Generation Award gala on February  29, 2024. 

The Sollio Next Generation Award is the only recognition of its kind for Canadian agricultural  businesses

For the second year in a row, the contest included a category for clients of  The Agromart Group, a Sollio Agriculture partner network in Eastern Canada. Farmers who would  like to apply for the 2024–2025 Sollio Next Generation Award can now talk to their Agromart partner  or visit the Sollio Group Cooperative website. Applications must be received by April 1, 2024.
“The Sollio Next Generation Award plays an important role not only by recognizing entrepreneurs  who have successfully managed a farm succession or started a new farm enterprise, but also in  highlighting innovative farming practices from across Canada,” said Casper Kaastra, Chief  Executive Officer of Sollio Agriculture. “Together with our partners from The Agromart Group, we  are delighted to honour the remarkable stories of passion and courage of Luymes Farms & Custom  Farming. Congratulations! When farmers share their best practices and inspiring stories, everybody  wins!” 

Luymes Farms & Custom Farming is a family business that specializes in grain production and  contract farming. The enterprise is the brainchild of brothers Rob and Mark Luymes, who took over  from their parents John and Elaine. The contracting service started in the 1970’s as part of John  and Elaine’s dairy business, which was struggling to expand at the time due to the lack of available  quotas. They’ve since diversified, and revenues are growing steadily and organically by word-of 
mouth alone - no advertising needed.  

The family business has 2,000 acres under cultivation and services 8,000 acres in 500 fields for  neighbouring companies. They excel at managing their machinery fleet and have extensive  knowledge of the area’s specific needs. Their transfer plan focuses on communication strategies  and the family values of the Luymes clan. They take pride in maintaining good relations and  creating jobs for the future generations – should they want to take over the company. 

To learn  more about their story, click here.

About the Sollio Next Generation Award 
For more than 20 years, the Next Generation Award has showcased the Sollio Cooperative Group  and The Agromart Group farming families who have successfully transferred or started a farm  business. A pan-Canadian cooperative, Sollio Agriculture seeks to provide farm entrepreneurs with  the opportunity to draw on the best local models for farm succession and new farm enterprises.  For more information, visit

About Sollio Agriculture  
Sollio Agriculture, the Agri-business Division of Sollio Cooperative Group, is a Canadian leader in  the agriculture industry. It specializes in supplying farm inputs and providing value-added services  to benefit farmers, cooperatives and partners. Its business model combines the strength of a local  approach with the power of a national presence to offer innovative products and solutions, to  support the adoption of sustainable farming practices, helping local farming families prosper.  Present across the country, it has close to 1,300 employees and generated $2.802 billion in  revenue in 2023. For more information, visit 

About The Agromart Group  
The Agromart Group includes 22 independent agricultural retail businesses across Eastern  Canada. Each Agromart is a 50:50 joint venture between Sollio Agriculture and local business  owners/operators. The Agromart Group provides crop nutrients, crop protection products, seed,  custom application and associated services to farmers. For more information, visit  


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