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Photo Credit: Stefania Galluccio @mystoo
1371 - 12/24/2023 9:55:04 AM  

Woolwich's CARLA MULLER Releases "I Can Hear The Bells" To Support Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Released For Publication - December 22, 2023

Carla Muller is spreading the love to her listeners and community members alike with her new single “I Can Hear The Bells.” It’s available everywhere now, and 100% of proceeds from both the digital download and single on CD will benefit the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. 

While the holiday season is a source of great joy for many, the wintertime can also bring additional challenges to many of our community members, including loneliness, food insecurity, and seasonal depression. With “I Can Hear The Bells,” Muller extends a helping– and a musical– hand. Further showcasing her ability to write thoughtful songs that walk with courage alongside grace and grief, “I Can Hear The Bells” is handcrafted to be of solace to anyone who may be lonely this time of year.

“I finished this song on a snowy morning where everything seemed to have gone wrong in the world,” Muller recalls. “I was overwhelmed with sadness, and I looked out of my window as the church bells rang in our little village. Everything was so still before those first footsteps in the snow that morning. I decided to go outside with my little ones to shake off the gloom.  It's amazing what a little snow can do to lift your spirits!”

Muller collaborates on the track with a cherished ensemble of local musicians: Gary Craig on drums, Jason Fowler on acoustic guitar, Mark Lalama on piano, and Ross MacIntyre on bass.

Carla Muller is a singer-songwriter from Woolwich, Ontario, who has realized her lifelong musical aspirations over the past two years collaborating with Canterbury Music Company. Alongside her musical journey, Carla proudly owns Baby Charlotte, a Kitchener-based children's boutique, reflecting her dedication beyond the spotlight.

The single on CD will be available Dec 19th for $5.99 at and at Baby Charlotte at 692 Belmont Ave W in Kitchener. 100% of proceeds benefit the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. The digital download is available on Muller’s bandcamp site for $2.99, at or at It is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you stream music.

“Our food bank needs us,” Muller reminds everyone. “Please give generously.”



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