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" Lending Is The New Spending "

Guelph Tool Library

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1326 - 6/25/2023 12:05:43 PM  

Circular Computer Project Launched

For Immediate Release - Friday, June 23th 

The Guelph Tool Library launches the Circular Computer Project with the mission to refurbish and redistribute used laptops to individuals in need. 

This innovative program will run yearly. The Circular Computer Project is dedicated to accepting laptops from businesses and local organizations, which are then serviced and tested by our team of volunteers in preparation for distribution through the Digital Equity Coalition.

The Guelph Tool library piloted this project with RWDI Consulting, who generously donated 5 laptops, which were then inspected and refurbished by volunteers. Through the coordination of the Digital Equity Coalition, the Circular Computer Project ensures that the refurbished laptops reach those who require them the most. 

Previous recipients of these laptops include local organizations such as the Guelph Community Health Centre Shelldale and Your Downtown Guelph Friends. By providing access to essential technology, the Circular Computer Project and its partners strive to empower individuals, organizations, and the community at large.

While not accepting public donations directly, the project actively seeks partnerships with businesses interested in contributing. Registration is not required as the focus is on refurbishing and redistributing laptops to pre-identified recipients. For more information on how to get involved or make contributions, please visit the project's website.

The Circular Computer Project aligns with the Guelph Tool Library’s mission of building community resilience by engaging its members in sharing knowledge, skills and resources. 

John Dennis, the Tool Library Coordinator and one of the project leads says:  "The Guelph Tool Library has been upcycling and repairing electronics for a few years. We do regular repairs of electronics at our Repair Cafes and the Good Call Program has processed and redistributed over 150 phones. The Circular Computer Project is a natural extension of this work. Our goal is to take laptops that are no longer needed by local businesses and work with our community partners to distribute them to those that need them in Guelph."

The Circular Computer Project has set a specific goal to refurbish and redistribute 75 laptops in the upcoming year. This objective aims to make a tangible impact on digital equity by providing individuals in need with access to essential technology. By refurbishing these laptops, the project extends their lifespan, reduces electronic waste, and promotes sustainability. 

The team is committed to meticulously refurbishing each device to ensure they meet quality standards and effectively meet the needs of their recipients. 

Mike Caldwell, project lead, notes:  "Access to digital resources is quickly becoming a necessity in today’s ever-connected world, and should be a right for everyone. Through the Circular Computer Project, we strive to bring that right to more and more people by giving them access to the tools they need."

If you are a business interested in partnering with the project and donating laptops, please visit our website at  to learn more about how you can make a meaningful impact. While the project is not currently accepting public laptop donations directly, or distributing them to the general public, your support and engagement are crucial in helping us achieve our mission of promoting digital equity. 

Together, we can bridge the digital divide and empower individuals with access to essential technology.


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