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Photo Credit: Stefania Galluccio @mystoo
1321 - 7/12/2023 11:23:19 AM  


JayWalking Guelph reveals tales of scandal from Guelph’s past

For Immediate Release - June 6, 2023

On Saturday June 10 a new JayWalking Guelph walking tour debuts. Multiple tales of scandal, political scandal, bootlegging, flaming courtesans, poetical scandal and attempted murder, all true and yes there is even a ghost.

“JayWalkers” will delight in these tales while being lead through the Royal City Park neighbourhood. 

“The previous Scandal on the Speed River Tour has undergone a complete makeover. The more time I spend reading about Guelph the more fascinating tales I come across”, says Tour Guide, Jay Wilson.

 “Guelph was awash in Scandal, like any community, and unlike history, scandals often are buried as many hope they will be forgotten. Finding a fascinating scandal is much like discovering gold, the heart quickens, pupils dilate and excitement becomes difficult to contain" adds Jay.

"I think one of my favourite stories is about Dutch Lena, or Lena Rosas or Von Schultz as she was known. "I discovered it was not uncommon in the 1870’s for women’s clothing to burst into flames. Bustles were often made of highly flammable fabrics and quite “airy”. Dutch Lena suffers this fate and yet continues to run one of Guelph’s most successful ‘houses of ill repute’."

"There is an amusing tale of a police raid on the house. When the police arrive the Mayor and Police Chief are just exciting the home having conducted what appears to be their own ‘investigation’ "

"What makes JayWalking Tours unique is that I recite newspaper reports and stories exactly as written, transporting the audience into the past.”

Hear this story and many more all summer long.
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