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1221 - 4/17/2022 9:30:45 AM  

Youth 4 Justice Walk Sunday April 24

Youth Organized Rally & Walk Demanding Better is 1st ever event organized for and by Centre Wellington Youth to draw attention to youth needs

Released For Publication - April 10, 2022
Energized by the opportunity that two upcoming elections bring, three Centre Wellington youth change-makers are organizing a rally and walk on Sunday, April 24/22 to share their frustrations, expectations and hope for the future. 

“We are organizing the Youth for Justice March because we want politicians to pay more attention to youth issues. This rally is a chance for all youth in our community to let their voices be heard,” shared one of the lead organizers, Fergus resident and TheKindnessPledge organizer, Abby Graham. “We are also organizing the March to show youth that we have the power to create change in our community if we work together. We want those running for office and those who will be voting to know their decision is going to affect our future.” 

The walk is being organized by local youth who are frustrated at the lack of understanding around the pressures and barriers they face that previous generations have taken for granted. In addition to the stress of the pandemic, young people are worried about how to pay for their education, find stable and well-paying jobs and are questioning if they ever will be able to afford a home in the community they were raised in. 

“We are organizing this event to show youth they have a voice, that their opinions are valued. We also want older generations to realize how powerful we really are and what we can do when we have the drive to make change.” commented another organizer Avaline Booth, a grade 10 student. “We are inviting young people in Centre Wellington to join in the parking lot of Melville United at 1:30 pm with signs about the issues that matter to them. At 2 pm we will hear from a variety of speakers and will then walk through downtown Fergus to show that we are ready and demanding better decisions.” 

Organizers know that youth are not as engaged in voting as they should be and will be using this event to encourage youth to register to vote for the upcoming provincial election and the municipal election this fall. 

“Youth voices need to be heard and one of the best ways we can show how committed we are to change is by voting,” reflected another organizer Kyla Perry. “We will have information to share that will encourage youth to register to vote and learn more about the issues that matter to them.” 

Event Details 
Youth 4 Justice Walk 
Organized by and for Centre Wellington youth
(and anyone who cares about youth!)
Sunday, April 24/22 2:00 pm - 3:00 | Rain or shine 
Melville United Church Parking Lot (300 St. Andrew St. W., Fergus) 


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